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Here you purchase Rendets, ASCredits or Captchadits credits which are usable in your software. What are these type of credits. Read the following.

RENDETS (Rent+Credits): Rendets are Rent Credits, the software is rental software however, if you don't pay rent the software run Renter script automatically to pay your daily rent. The software earns rendets. Rendets are spent every time your software download scripts which work to automate earning websites. You can either purchase these Rendets by using supported payment options/methods such as Payoneer, WebMoney, Bitcoin etc. You can also earn money from Earn Page to use on this Shop.

ASCredits (AutoSurf+Credits): ASCredits are AutoSurf Credits. If you are website/blog owner and want free original unique traffic to your website you should be using our AutoSurf service. You run our AutoSurf script to earn some ASCredits or you purchase these ASCredits from this shop without running AutoSurf script on your computer. We use these ASCredits to drive traffic to your website. Each time your website is viewed you are deducted these ASCredits from assigned ASCredits which you assign for specific website.

Captchadits (Captcha Credits): Captchadits are Captcha Credits. You need Captchadits if you use our Public Captcha Server who solves your Captcha's automatically. Your captcha's are forwarded to our server and our server solves your captchas from real human which we hire for you. Captcha Credits are points/credits which are spent everytime we solve your captcha's. Using this technique you can totally automate your work of earning from Internet. If you want to use our Public Captcha Service you must contact through contact form.

Note: To make an order please submit a contact form.

Price Rendets

$1	=   3,000

$2	=   7,000

$5	=  30,000

$10	=  70,000

$20	= 150,000

$40	= 400,000

$50	= 500,000

Price ASCredits

$1	=    30,000

$2	=    70,000

$5	=   300,000

$10	=   700,000

$20	= 1,500,000

$40	= 4,000,000

$50	= 5,000,000

Price Captchadits

$1	=   1,500

$2	=   3,000

$5	=   7,000

$10	=  30,000

$20	=  70,000

$40	= 150,000

$50	= 400,000