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How to Use

If you have not installed CashAutomator first read Install Guide.

Step 01: Run CashAutomator.exe from where you installed CashAutomator.

Step 02: Login screen may appear. If you dont have CashAutomator account. Choose Register radio button. Enter email address and Name and click on register button. Check you inbox and spambox and click the link to activate you account. Another email may be sent at your email address with randomly generated password. Put your credentials at CashAutomator Login page and check the Remember or Save Password Encrypted checkbox and click Login button.

Step 03: When CashAutomator is run if error occures saying 'Automation Error'. It means you have to install .NetFramework. Close CashAutomator and Install .NetFramework first and you have run CashAutomator successfully. If you have any other problem installing or running CashAutomator you can contact by submitting contact form or contact website owner at skype address specified at Contact us page.

Step 04: When CashAutomator is running without errors. Click on the AUTOMATORS Tab the above picture is showing. We assume that you have accounts of PTC sites to automate PTC sites. Before running any PTC or other cash script you have to put credentials of PTC sites into CashAutomator by clicking on SCREEN tab click on the Set/Update Credentials button.

Step 05: When you click on Set/Update Credentials button Choose Script from the Choose Script combobox and click on Add button. Save Arguments form may open. In Select Argument choose argument i.e. Arg0, Arg1. These are arguments Mostly scripts use Arg0 for username and Arg1 for password. So choose Argument for example you choose Arg0 now in Enter argument value type username for Arg0 and type password if you choose Arg1 and click on save button. Repeat this to save other arguments. You can also remove these arguments by clicking on Remove button.

Step 06: Now you have setup your CashAutomator to work on PTC sites or to automate. Now you are ready to run automate script from AUTOMATORS tab. Just click on run button and see what magic happens.